Skewers and Swizzle Sticks: For Enjoying Great Parties

Wintertime picnics and get-togethers naturally inspire a barbeque party on the lawns. Evening time parties are perfect for barbeque fun. Wedding parties too have barbeque as the main attraction for the guests. Barbeque brunches are also welcome at weekends providing perfect themes to unwind and get ready to relax.

Barbeque requires certain special culinary items, one of them is skewer. Skewers are excellent for roasting and grilling the food. Skewers help the food to cook perfectly and make it more enjoyable. Barbeque is a creative activity where every one is involved making different recipes and barbeque sauces. Main ingredients are meat and vegetable that are evenly trimmed and arranged on the barbeque with the help of skewers. A well cooked barbeque recipe activates the taste buds and leads to excitement in the party atmosphere.

When we talk about parties, drinks and cocktails form an integral part. First we eat through our eyes, as our eyes relish the food and drinks placed beautifully and further lend our taste buds the interest to savor the food. It is thus necessary to garnish and decorate the food items and drinks with various culinary items available. Swizzle sticks are the special culinary item we can utilize to garnish the drinks.  It is easiest way to garnish different drinks at a party with help of a swizzle stick at hand. Garnishing drinks is very essential at birthday parties, weddings, big events or home based parties and get to-gathers. It is imperative that the food and drinks should not only taste good but also look appealing. The look changes the mood and makes the guests feel welcomed.

Here are tips to make a sizzling display of the drinks with swizzle stick:

  • After you prepare the drink with the right ingredients it is vital to use a harmonizing glass to serve the drink too. Keeping in mind the people who are going to enjoy the drink too helps to lay out the decoration.
  • Swizzle sticks can be also made to stir your tea, coffee, milk and other beverages.
  • Elaborate designs are used now days to garnish the drinks. Swizzle sticks are available in the market as well as online. At Sweet Flavor Florida you will find swizzle sticks in the bamboo range and also in various other materials. Here you will find the matching skewers to make it easier to use them for your appetizers or the barbecue, which you may want to plan. These swizzle sticks are available in plastic, glass, wood, metal, bamboo, cane etc.

Swizzle sticks are a must when jazzing up any party. Image is everything and swizzle sticks can help. So be creative, have fun and thoroughly enjoy your creation. At you will find Ball Skewer, Bamboo Beaded Skewer, Bamboo Kino, Bamboo Knotted, Bamboo Paddle Picks, Bamboo Pincer, Bamboo Tongs, Beaded Skewer, Plastic Silver Needle Pick, Ring Skewer, Slim Chinese Fork and more.

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Disposable Catering Supplies

The catering industry is an ever growing industry with lot of companies catering for parties and events. However it is not possible to always use china plates and metal cutlery at all events. The reasons are umpteen, so to overcome this difficulty catering suppliers use disposable catering products.

Catering disposables are exactly the same as normal catering products with the only difference being that they can be thrown after use. Many companies offering these products are trying their best to save the environment by making environment friendly biodegradable catering disposables.  They are made of plastic, paper or foil with the use of recyclable or sustainable resources. Bamboo disposables are the new entrants in the “green” movement and are made with use of new material such as bamboo pulp, paper, fibres, PLA etc.

The disposables plates, glasses, cups, etc are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. They can also be customized as per you needs or party theme with your choice of color or logo or picture or names engraved on it giving it a personal touch.

Disposable catering products are extremely useful for the storing and transportation of food and help keeping the food hot due to its insulating properties. Disposable products are also used for cold or chilled foods such as sandwiches and salads.

These disposable catering products are widely used in the catering industry require no cleaning and no maintenance and are simply discard after use. Use of disposable catering products is quite economical as it help you save a major chunk used for washing liquids and also these disposables are cheap when they are purchased in bulk orders.

Some of the disposable catering products available are:

  • Disposable plastic plates
  • Disposable bamboo plates
  • Disposable glasses
  • Plastic Tableware
  • Disposable Mini Dishes
  • Disposable Appetizer Plates
  • Disposable cutlery knives, forks and spoons
  • Plastic serving dishes available in different sizes and shapes
  • Plastic and bamboo trays
  • Swizzle sticks
  • Skewers and picks
  • Disposable lunch boxes

All of the above products are completely disposable and are very useful for events, functions and parties and are a great value for money.

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